We believe all highly entrepreneurial family- and founder-led businesses should have access to objective advice and appropriately tailored capital.

We’ve observed far too many great businesses and visionary leaders form partnerships with investment firms that do not fulfill their objectives. Often times, the investors at these firms do not invest the time to fully understand the unique objectives of each owner and will structure investments as if one-size fits all. At Author—as purpose-driven capital partners—we’re set on earning trust, redefining long-term partnership, and enabling owners to maximize their potential. 

We’re all about people. We’re energized by sitting across the table from great founders and family business owners who want to stay involved, but need a likeminded and experienced capital partner to get to the next stage of growth. We believe that with their interests and objectives in mind and our flexible capital and strategic advice in hand, we will succeed together. 

Redefining Long-term Partnership

We’re in it for the long-term and look beyond the shorter-term time horizon of traditional private equity firms. We empower owners with capital and expertise to enable them to implement sustainable, growth-oriented operating procedures that allow the value of their ownership to compound.

Our Four Core Values


We seek to deliver our very best to our partners, investors, and each other, without exception

We foster a culture dedicated to professional excellence in service and execution. Our approach is never one size fits all. Our team has the innate desire to identify and tailor creative solutions for the desired long-term outcome.


We prioritize the interests of our partners and work to build relationships founded on trust and respect

Our reputation is our most valuable asset. We know the immense effort that goes into developing relationships and building trust with our clients and portfolio companies. Maintaining that trust requires the highest level of ethics and integrity.


We openly and honestly share our thoughts, beliefs, and motives to maintain trust and open communication

We communicate with our partners, clients, and investors in an open and transparent manner and will always offer our best advice, even if it means expressing an unpopular view.


We believe that embracing diversity generates better ideas, leading to better outcomes

We know that mitigating risk and identifying opportunities in today’s complex world requires diverse perspectives. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive culture internally and externally though our partner, client, and investor base.

Capital Partner of Choice to Underrepresented Owners

As a minority-owned and -led private equity firm, we also have unique insight into the opportunities and challenges constantly confronting high-potential women and people of color and we strive to be the advisor and capital partner of choice to underrepresented owners.